the birth of stories of sentiment

i am continually asked where my passion for lifestyle photography began. after all, i'm a wedding photographer first + foremost (my wedding website is here if you are curious!) becoming a mother was certainly part of where my love for documenting families began but it's more than that.

i was recently talking with a friend + had an epiphany; i know where my passion really lived all this time. it lived in my journey in becoming a mother. the pain of wanting to experience parenthood as i struggled with infertility + the fear that i'd never get the chance to be someone's mother. the nights i'd cry + wonder if i'd ever get to wipe away spit up, change blow-out diapers, splash in the bath, chase after a fresh toddler, hide teeth for the tooth fairy ... the list of my dreams around motherhood was endlessly filled with silly sentiments of everyday life. these sentiments are what i clung to in my heart as i prayed + hoped for a child. (he's here by the way - 2.5 years old + the reason i am so happy ... and exhausted!)

when i come to your home, i hide away in the corners + crawl around your floors seeking all that your days are filled with. i hope that my heart sees fleeting moments that you may not even know matter to you right now. moments that aren't frozen in time with your iPhone or written in a journal but are part of your parenthood story. a tiny motion, times that happen + are over before we know it; these moments are your legacy,your family's story. i can't wait to help you tell it through thoughtful, honest + artful photographs. this is your #mystoryofsentiment collection. 

below are a few photos of my sweet boy being ... well, him. 


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